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We are pleased to welcome you and appreciate that you are thinking about your health. Covid-19 has covered the whole world, but the recovery rate in India was also very good, now we should continue to improve this. Raw juice is an initiative taken towards making India a healthier place.

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It is a company working on Cold Press Juice technology. Thousands of Indians are boosting their immunity every day by using our products since we opened our operation in 2020. We make it our priority to find the healthiest ingredients—from the best sources. That means we emphasize locally grown, organic produce and support small farms and orchards. We build environmental practices into the way we do business, and “grow it back” in ways that help our surrounding communities thrive. We also donate a portion of every sale to the local causes.You can feel good knowing that every time you pick up a juice,smoothie, or snack with us, we’re investing your money right back into our community.

“Ingredient is the soul of any recipe”

Our primacy is to accomplish ingredients from the best sources. Our goal should be to emphasize locally organic produce to support Small Farms and Orchards. All of our activities are always based on three principles- Good for Health, Purity and Helping Society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are based on the thought to recompensate our environment & nature. Your every transaction made with us will energize our social spirit.


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